Never-Devereaux Frazier

Devereaux Frazier on Go Dog Go Cafe

Go Dog Go Café

You may know of me
Maybe you know my name
You might’ve heard of me from somewhere
But how many have actually seen what I do
Face to face, in person
And not through a source not of my approval
Go ahead and admit it, you don’t know me
But you believe you do, walk like you do
Talking down to me, you’ve walked my shoes?
Understood that the pain perfects the man
There’s light at the end of every tunnel
But you still have to get through
They want to be close to my fire
They want to know what I know
But they only want parts
The pieces they can quilt to their own
And the sounds they imitate to add color
To their dull and lifeless existence
If I would appease their devotion
To be the cataclysm of my demotion
If I could

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Share your poem with me on the GDG

This was a very provocative writing prompt for me

Go Dog Go Café

Dear writer, poets and readers at the GDG,

Last week in my feature at the Go Dog Go Cafe I put out a call to write a poem to introduce yourself. the idea was formed from a spoken word poetry meet I attended. I was very impressed with a young Filipino woman who was bold with her words and attitude. She said we all need a poem that introduces us before we present our spoken word, I thought that was such a unique idea. So I wrote mine.

If it inspires you to write one, Pingback to here or my Come Sit With Me post and I will feature it this week at the Cafe!

I have received some amazing poems and am so excited to share them with you!

I would really like to read who you are in your own words!

Here’s mine.

I am a Story


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Introductions- Christine Ray

My latest piece on Blood Into Ink

Blood Into Ink


I am survival
etched on my skin
in black ink
pierced through my cartilage
and lobes with silver rings and studs
I am survival
knit into my scalp
under salt and pepper hair
cropped close
when I decided I was more
than long curly locks
no one’s eye candy
I am survival
visible in the faint half-moon
scar that circles my throat
and the other that
plays connect-the-dot
between my pelvic bones
because square pegs
do not always come out
of round holes
and motherhood is not
for the faint of heart
I am survival
see the fine lines that
starburst from the corners
of my eyes
drawn by laughter
and steely determination
declaring that I am no longer
a mere girl
but a woman grown
and I have lived
I am survival
when I clutch my pen
in aching hands
ignoring the pain in each knuckle
and cut the…

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Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Iulia Halatz

Meet Sudden Denouement’s Iulia Halatz. She has recently been published in Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective


The editors of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective know that our strength is our writers. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them through our new Writer Interview Series.

What name do you write under?
Iulia Halatz

In what part of the world do you live? Tell us about it.
I live in Bucharest, Romania, a small beautiful country in South-East Europe, washed by the Black Sea, watered by the Danube, cleansed by the Danube Delta, guarded by the Carpathian Mountains, envisaged in many stories and legends. I have written more about the magic of my country here.

About my Romanian soul I can say only these:
I am Romanian
I tremble with the moon
Building shapes of light
Into rippling pools
After the rain of summer…

Please tell us about yourself.
I am a teacher with 22 years’ experience and I manage my own school of languages.
I am…

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a chalk barrier in the shade of morning-Samantha Lucero & N. Ian McCarthy

Brilliant collaboration from Samantha Lucero and N. Ian McCarthy on One for Sorrow. It is worth multiple readings to absorb all the crazy good language.

He forgot to carve his name onto it—my slow-dead
womb builder. So he thatched this house with reeds
as presences and struck cymbals.

I gave its shambles to the fire, heaped its mar and its
lime, and the skeletal birdcage of it into the memory
of a tongueless August mouth.

Its chasm, a door—its screen porch, a belching Madonna.
Thin-torn frankincense fumes like god-blood from the split
of its rarefying wound, where the

whole of purgatory is a scent of goulash and of low mur-
murs; the sin of knowing, a Clorox-tinged swimming pool
rash and the sponge of wood rot.

the rattletrap where i watch
in flesh-colors quiet as the static
on play-slides gallop to a cutlass.

and decrepit with me in a malibu
it rusts in happy meals. bloats on
a warm backseat corpse savoring
in fragmented leather castled by
dehydrated fries like blades.

a baby tooth

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Sweater inventory, part 1: Vests and other sleeveless

The thing about making a wardrobe — especially trying to be conscientious at the same time as having a blast with the making part and feeding my unabashed love of clothes — is that it can be hard to see the forest. A little over four years after cleaning out my fast-fashion mess of a […]
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Weaving Within Reach Blog Tour and Publication Day

This is it! The day is finally here, and Weaving Within Reach is out in this world! And, to celebrate, we’re kicking off the Weaving Within Reach Blog tour! All the fabulous stop details are below.  You can find Weaving Within Reach anywhere books are sold: Amazon, Barnes and Noble,, and, if you want […]

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Crow Black and Cardinal Red Kindra M. Austin & Matthew Eayre

Kindra M. Austin and Matthew Eayre sing a stunning duet on Sudden Denouement

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Of explosive mourning is born the night
rising low in my rib cage
Obsidian heart cooling in its crate,
cold enough to freeze the devils in
Usurp the king’s wings, crow black and cruel,
This is my coronation day

Raucous laughter celebrates the coming dawn
falling gently upon my brow
Scarlet song issuing from opened chest,
warm enough to thaw glaciers under oceans
Wrest away throne of bone, cardinal red and salacious,
This is my exaltation

I’ve got worms in my veins,
fertilizing melancholy
Holy blood boils
bone and sinew
See what love has left me

Rows of nightshade
line my grave as I burrow
guarding from paradise
my hands dig for solitude

All gone suddenly,
swallowed by big nothing,
they’re buried within the
layers of my skin—
the women I’d adored
like red soaked wool itching my soul,

My attention brings pain, my adoration

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Disciple of love – Candice Daquin

Whisper and the Roar proudly welcomes new Collective member Candice Louisa Daquin

Whisper and the Roar

When I met you, I had no tears

When you left me, I had too many

They didn’t stop

Though all the experts

On saline tear production

Proclaimed they would

Miss Daquin do not fear, they said

You will simply dry up, just wait

For a hot flash

Or a cold night

I told them

I have both

As for the cold night

That is now etched in ivy crept stone

Who thought before middle age

I’d be an old maid searching shelves for other parts of thrown-away women?

With no touch, no kiss, no arms wrapped around this

Hurt and lonely soul of water and menses

Snap out of it, my dance teacher said

You can

Have sex with cigarette smoking strangers

Learn self emulation

Or eat hot chili sauce with three layers of lipstick

And if you dance as gracefully as you talk

Well … Whose…

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Back to School Dinner 2018

We had our annual Back to School dinner tonight.

The theme was “I am like a star shining brightly” and each child had a star wand 🌟 on the gingerbread cake I made. I also placed a candle for each of them which we later lit, reminding them to shine brightly.  

It was a sweet evening full of excitement and goals for the school year. The boys start this week but I’m glad miss M has another week before Kinder because I’m just going to be an utter mess as soon as I send her off 😢. Utter. Mess. I tell you.



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