Horror Games for Halloween 4

As is a tradition here at AGGG, I curate a list of new horror games that work great for playing at Halloween. Granted any horror game works for Halloween, but it’s nice to get new suggestions. So here is this year’s list of games to get your scares.

A quick note: this post contains affiliate links. If you use my links to purchase any of these games, I will get part of the sale and part of the sale will go to Mental Health America. soma


SOMA is a sci-fi survival game that takes place on an underwater remote research facility with machinery that begins to take on human characteristics. It was created by the developers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent which is another well-known horror game.

Buy SOMA for PC



In this interactive horror mystery, you play as someone exploring a found phone of a missing woman. You explore her apps, talk to her contacts, and learn that she wasn’t what she seemed to be.

layers of fear.jpg

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is a psychological horror game where you play as a painter who may be losing his mind. The game is heavily story driven and involves exploring the home of the painter and his former family. As you peel back the layers of the story of this mad painter, you also peel back the layers of horror in this game.

Buy Layers of Fear on PC



If you are looking for something multiplayer, Deceit tests your trust in others while being hunted by monsters. Or maybe, you are the monster trying to kill your friends. If first-person shooters are more your kind of game, Deceit can help make it perfectly scary for Halloween. And it’s free to play on Steam.

bendy and the ink machine.jpg

Bendy and the Ink Machine

In this episodic survival horror, the world of classic cartoons has turned dark. The game takes place in 1966 and follows Henry, a retired animator who returns to his old studio upon an invitation from his old friend Joey Drew and discovers a nightmare of cartoon characters seemingly created by the titular Ink Machine. The final episode releases today so you can play the full game now on PC and soon on Xbox and PlayStation.

Want more suggestions? Check out my previous posts on horror games for Halloween.

humble partner aggg.jpg


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The Best Halloweekend Drink

With the holidays quickly approaching, and Halloween being next week, I’m always looking for great cocktails that are easy to mix up on a moment’s notice.
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Q for You: How many clothes do you make/buy each year?

Last weekend, I tackled the closet cleanout challenge for Slow Fashion October (you can see how far I got in my saved Story), and also posted on Instagram about having gone about 6 months without buying a single solitary garment or shoe — 100% unintentionally and unknowingly — and how since then (in the past […]
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Sculpture for Kids

These pics were literally burning a hole in my pocket after our Gallery Show for Sculpture Class last night.  I am feeling blown away and so proud of the kids and the work that we do at Meri Cherry Art Studio. Sculpture for Kids is a passion for us.  Our team worked for months brainstorming, creating, and(...)

The post Sculpture for Kids appeared first on Meri Cherry.

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#tbt Requiem for Wonder Woman

Reached for basic black today

red, blue and gold hang untouched in the closet

lasso of truth forlorn in the corner

too heavy for tired arms

outlines of a plane

just visible in the driveway

covered in fine layer of dust

world feels like it is moving on without me

blur of color, smells and sound

that overwhelmed senses cannot process

rest my head against my fists

allow a moment of mourning

for shattered illusion

of invincibility

spine of steel

requiem for a wonder woman

forced to accept that

she is only human

after all

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

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The dickey I didn’t know I needed (2018 FO-22)

There was a night a couple of weeks ago where I was frantically looking for something to knit. My plum Anna Vest was blocking; I’d left my marlisle hat at work; I no longer have the thumb instructions memorized for the Log Cabin Mitts, and picking up my unfinished pair wasn’t going to take up that unexpected […]
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Rhinebeck and other sweaters

Isn’t one of the best things about Autumn that it’s sweater weather? I always enjoy seeing knitters around the world wearing my designs, and this enjoyment often comes to a kind of peak around this time of year, when a veritable slew of amazing projects begin to appear on Instagram and Ravelry. I’ve never been… Read More
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Bargains for Poetry and Prose Lovers

Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective is currently available in Kindle version for just $0.99.  This 323-page volume includes poetry and prose from 29 writers spanning 7 countries.  If you are a fan of modern and edgy writing, don’t miss this!

My first book of poetry, Composition of a Woman, is currently available for Kindle for $2.99.  We never know how long sales will last on Amazon- don’t miss your chance to scoop it up!


Book photos courtesy of Alfa.

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Maker Crush: Llane Alexis

I recently started following textile-based artist Llane Alexis on Instagram (@llanealexis) after a tip from @jenhewett (you know), and I’m kind of stunned that I never knew about him while I was still in San Francisco, where I would for sure have shown up at his studio wanting to see his work in person. Born […]
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News hot off the watercolour press

I’m posting this out a little later than I often do on a Wednesday as I wanted to include the outcome of my latest exhibition entries to the Worthing Open 18 which were only announced today.

The results

I submitted the maximum number of works permissible, which was three and, from a cursory glance at the decisions, it looks as if the judges selected approx 160 works to show from approx 550 submissions in total. So, with anticipation suitably heightened and without any further delay, the results are: (you may have to scroll over the images to reveal the results)

Waterolour painting of an entrance to the Park de a Ciutadella, Barcelona, by John Haywood A watercolour painting by John Haywood

Yes, folks – you read it right! My painting of a summer’s day in Dieppe has been selected! As if this wasn’t enough to celebrate, my partner also submitted two of her hand-drawn/digital prints and had one of them accepted too!  Obviously, this is great news for both of us artistically, not to mention domestically – as it means we can both attend the Private View with our heads held equally high!

Naturally, I’d have been delighted with whatever painting made the cut as I do like all three and, each of them in their own way represents a turning point or breakthrough of some sort in my painting. Here’s the blog post that I wrote  about this particular painting: Dieppe, Normandy, Watercolour

The biennal Worthing Open exhibition will be open to the public from the 3rd November 2018 to the 30th March 2019. Here’s a quick glimpse of the venue:

The private view is on Friday 2nd November and I  hope you’ll forgive me if I post a little more information up about the exhibition after that – this is, after all – quite a rare treat!

In other news…

First up, some work in progress images of a sketch with a purpose. I say sketch with a purpose as I’ve been asked to do a painting of something ‘Brightony’ for some friends that used to live here. The brief is rather broad, ‘…something from the North Laines, the seafront or the South Downs’! This view is of Brighton’s bustling North Laines (the view along Gardner Street looking towards Bond Street to be specific!). The reference photo for this was taken on Saturday when we had a glorious autumnal day of bright sunshine.

Click to view slideshow.

Here’s the finished/final version in isolation:

Gardner Street, Brighton

I was quite pleased with this despite it being a little clumsy in parts, to say the least! It captures some of the atmosphere and I was pleased to be able to simplify such a complex scene.

And finally…

One more painting that’s a direct result of my recent plein air painting adventure. After finishing my painting along The Mall (see last week’s post for more details on this), I turned to walk back through St James’s Park and immediately came across another painter. The light was wonderful and I took a few photos of ‘the artist at work’.

The artist at work, The Mall, London

I really enjoyed painting this and it came together really quickly. I like the sense of the diffused late afternoon light and, once again, the simplification of quite a complex scene.

Phew, feels like quite a busy post this week – many thanks and congratulations to anyone that’s managed to read through to the end of it!

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